Scheduled tweets a day keeps the doctor away.

Um not really, I lied 🙂 but it will keep your twitter account active. An active twitter account is what you need
to keep your business alive. Even twitter has now started paid scheduled tweets on their own platform, which is a threat
to AutotweeterPRO, but I always look at the bright side. So if Twitter agrees that scheduled tweets is a thing for marketting, then
there is nothing stopping you from sending scheduled tweets and AutotweeterPRO is the best tweet scheduler for the
lowest price of $15 for a lifetime license. There is no other charges or subscription fees ever.

PS: If you are wondering why the price is so low and it must be a bad software ?
You are wrong, its because I am the one man company here 🙂
You are welcome to try out the unlimited trial version and purchase only if you are satisfied.
And if you have any questions, just send a mail to the support email ID. I will see ya there 🙂

Autotweeting will not get you banned.

Our customers have asked us, why is that you cannot do something like TweetAdder, Hootsuite or SocialPilot ? , its so easy to setup twitter account with those services. Now you have an answer, technically TweetAdder and these services use a unique key to talk to twitter and twitter blocked that key of TweetAdder and thus blocking its entire customer base of TweetAdder. This twitter blocking can happen anytime to Hootsuite, SocialPilot or SproutSocial too.

autotweeting will not get you banned from twitter.
Using auto tweeter will not get you blocked by twitter.

So what makes AutotweeterPro sail strong ? The answer is very simple, AutotweeterPro do not use a unique key. We ask our customers to create their own unique keys. We know its takes around 3 minutes to setup AutotweeterPro with your twitter account, but its worth the effort.

You will never get blocked by twitter using AutotweeterPro. Another reason why you want to prefer AutotweeterPro over TweetAdder is that we use non-spammy organic and natural looking algorithm techniques to send out your scheduled tweets.

It was a programming feat to achieve this, but it paid out finally. AutotweeterPro is guaranteed to work always with sending scheduled tweets and never gets blocked by twitter.

Advantages of Automating your Tweets.

One of the critical problems with brand advertisement and marketing on Twitter is that it requires a whole lot of time. If you don’t use automated tools, you may have to dedicate a person who will have to attend to the social media marketing.

However, there are ways of avoiding such inefficient use of resources. Rather than have a person manually upload each update on Twitter every few minutes or so, you can use different tools which allow autotweeting. Usually, you have to make use of a bot for autotweeting, who then automatically publishes tweets on your behalf.

You can set definite time at which the bot should tweet, the exact content that it should tweet and so on and forth. By assigning definite tasks to the bot, you essentially control what content it tweets yet don’t have to spend hours on Twitter yourself.

For instance, you can use autotweeting to tweet a ‘Good Morning’ message twice a day, once when it is morning in the Pacific region and next, when the sun dawns in the other half of the world. This way, users from all across the globe will be able to relate with your tweets.

It will also make your Twitter account look prolific and active. You can also assign the bot to autotweet certain quotes, figures and statistics and similar other information related to your brand at regular intervals through a day or a week. This ensures that interesting content is regularly dished out from your Twitter account.

TweetArchivist and AutotweeterPro – a powerful combination !

AutotweeterPro tweets from an excel file, TweetArchivist lets you search and archive tweets into an excel file. It is a powerful combination. So if you are a marketing personnel who want to market Christmas gifting ideas by sending scheduled tweets in your twitter account , use TweetArchivist to search and add the tweets which contains “Christmas gifting ideas” and then download the results as an excel sheet , now input this excel sheet into AutotweeterPro and schedule the tweets to be sent out in random time intervals during the season and it becomes a powerful marketing recipe !

TweetArchivist is an online application and you can access it from here Tweetarchivist

Scheduling your tweets – some golden tips from our users.

So you have finally found the best auto tweeting software which really works that is us 🙂 . AutotweeterPRO’s sole purpose is for relentlessly sending out autotweets to your twitter account without ever stopping. But this relentless tweeting is not the solution to gain customers or faithful followers for your twitter account.

You got the right and the best tweet scheduler in the world,but the success lies in using it effectively.

Here are some tips from the authors of AutoTweeterPro and from some of the customers who have scheduled tweets using AutoTweeterPro.

here are some rules of engagement while auto tweeting.

1. Never bombard your timeline with tweets.Allow your followers to see other people’s tweets too.
2. Never tweet high frequency, which is suggested by point 1. Increase the random time delay of your tweets anywhere between 5-15 minutes.
3. Do not always tweet one sided, take your time and try to reply to other peoples tweets, else people will find you boring.
4. Do not send your product tweets every now and then, a healthy mix of tweets rather than a product pitch all the time will make you popular.
5. Do not repeat your tweets within a short time span. AutoTweeterPro has repeat tweets,but the option should be used if you have around 50 – 100 tweets in your tweet file.
6. Send meaningful and descriptive tweets , rather than “hey check this video”. Make people genuinely interested in reading the tweets.
7. If you have followers from around the world, you should use autotweeter to continue sending scheduled tweets while you sleep. This can get you a good number of followers because you entertain everyone of your followers all 24 hours.
8. Always save any good/cool tweet you find to the excel sheet , so that you can tweet it later on.