Advantages of Automating your Tweets.

One of the critical problems with brand advertisement and marketing on Twitter is that it requires a whole lot of time. If you don’t use automated tools, you may have to dedicate a person who will have to attend to the social media marketing.

However, there are ways of avoiding such inefficient use of resources. Rather than have a person manually upload each update on Twitter every few minutes or so, you can use different tools which allow autotweeting. Usually, you have to make use of a bot for autotweeting, who then automatically publishes tweets on your behalf.

You can set definite time at which the bot should tweet, the exact content that it should tweet and so on and forth. By assigning definite tasks to the bot, you essentially control what content it tweets yet don’t have to spend hours on Twitter yourself.

For instance, you can use autotweeting to tweet a ‘Good Morning’ message twice a day, once when it is morning in the Pacific region and next, when the sun dawns in the other half of the world. This way, users from all across the globe will be able to relate with your tweets.

It will also make your Twitter account look prolific and active. You can also assign the bot to autotweet certain quotes, figures and statistics and similar other information related to your brand at regular intervals through a day or a week. This ensures that interesting content is regularly dished out from your Twitter account.

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