Autotweeting will not get you banned.

Our customers have asked us, why is that you cannot do something like TweetAdder, Hootsuite or SocialPilot ? , its so easy to setup twitter account with those services. Now you have an answer, technically TweetAdder and these services use a unique key to talk to twitter and twitter blocked that key of TweetAdder and thus blocking its entire customer base of TweetAdder. This twitter blocking can happen anytime to Hootsuite, SocialPilot or SproutSocial too.

autotweeting will not get you banned from twitter.
Using auto tweeter will not get you blocked by twitter.

So what makes AutotweeterPro sail strong ? The answer is very simple, AutotweeterPro do not use a unique key. We ask our customers to create their own unique keys. We know its takes around 3 minutes to setup AutotweeterPro with your twitter account, but its worth the effort.

You will never get blocked by twitter using AutotweeterPro. Another reason why you want to prefer AutotweeterPro over TweetAdder is that we use non-spammy organic and natural looking algorithm techniques to send out your scheduled tweets.

It was a programming feat to achieve this, but it paid out finally. AutotweeterPro is guaranteed to work always with sending scheduled tweets and never gets blocked by twitter.