Scheduled tweets a day keeps the doctor away.

Um not really, I lied 🙂 but it will keep your twitter account active. An active twitter account is what you need
to keep your business alive. Even twitter has now started paid scheduled tweets on their own platform, which is a threat
to AutotweeterPRO, but I always look at the bright side. So if Twitter agrees that scheduled tweets is a thing for marketting, then
there is nothing stopping you from sending scheduled tweets and AutotweeterPRO is the best tweet scheduler for the
lowest price of $15 for a lifetime license. There is no other charges or subscription fees ever.

PS: If you are wondering why the price is so low and it must be a bad software ?
You are wrong, its because I am the one man company here 🙂
You are welcome to try out the unlimited trial version and purchase only if you are satisfied.
And if you have any questions, just send a mail to the support email ID. I will see ya there 🙂